802Social is a Vermont-based company, deeply rooted in digital strategy and social media marketing. We thrive on identifying client’s needs and competitive opportunities.

802Social consults, teaches and executes strategies to help broaden client understanding and use of the growing digital market. Our goal is to expose the underutilized “white spaces” in the digital landscape, where our clients can be first to market and grow new opportunities before others in their field can. 


Owner and Founder


With technology and social media taking off exponentially in the new millennium, having someone like Molly by your side is invaluable. Molly truly values the important role social media plays in growing a business. The time she has invested in learning about each social media outlet, how to target certain demographics that pertain to your business, and all the ins and outs of how to best utilize features like hashtags, brings such an advantage to reaching new clients and spreading awareness of your brand. She focuses on the statistics, and understands how reactions for posts on social media works, and how she can then target certain reactions (clicking links to your website, checking in, using a hashtag, etc) to help ENGAGE your audience. I would argue that social media is no longer an option for businesses, it is a necessity. I highly recommend any business to schedule a meeting with Molly to see how she can help grow your business through Social Media.
Molly coached me on the basics of managing my social media practices. She was clear and patient and a great help! Thank you Molly!
Molly at 802social is great to work with! She has a lot of experience with social marketing in Vermont and is wonderful at getting to know what my business needs. Her service is both useful and educational. I highly recommend her expertise.
"Molly has been a huge help in getting my business related social media accounts off the ground and running! She is always up to speed on the latest and greatest trends and holds me accountable when I haven't posted in a while. I would highly recommend her for any or all of your social media needs."

"Molly, at 802Social, helped me overcome my social media anxiety! She did a great job getting me started out on Instagram and showing me the types of posts that work for companies like mine. Whether you're looking for someone to handle all of your social media posting, or just need help getting started out, I highly recommend Molly and 802Social!"
"Molly manages our non-profit's social media so seamlessly that I refer to her as magic! I love how she keeps up with the changes the different platforms are constantly making, so I don't have to worry about it."
"5 stars for Molly! I learned more in the first 5 minutes of our meeting today than I could on my own in 5 days! Our frequent one hour sessions are like therapy. She provides me with the guidance to fish on my own! Working in social media for several clients, Molly has me set up to seamlessly post to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter without missing a beat. We've now moved beyond the basics and getting into analytics and more. All fascinating; all results oriented!"