Instagram Releases Business Profiles

Taking a page from its parent brand Facebook, Instagram has finally introduced its long-awaited business profiles to capitalize on the more than $3 billion market that its content creators have cultivated for the platform.

Business Profiles Add Analytics
The business profile adds a very important functionality to Instagram — analytics. When you use a personal profile, you have no way to analyze the demographics of the people visiting your page. This all changes with the business profile. Analytics give you the information to target your audience precisely and hone in on the most profitable potential customers.

Business Profiles Save Time
Business profiles also allow you to promote posts directly from Instagram instead of requiring a promotional effort through another platform. This reduces the amount of time from ad to customer drastically, and it also gives content creators who enjoy using Instagram more power to leverage the platform.

Business Profiles Expand Options
Creating an Instagram business profile also opens up your marketing options to the future innovations that will undoubtedly come to the business side of Instagram first. Among other things, the platform has promised even more robust analytics, partnerships with other major social media platforms, and a continually growing audience with more opportunities for direct revenue from the platform.

How to Change Your Profile
Facebook has created a page for people who are looking to convert their personal Instagram profiles into a business profile here.

our Next Move
In terms of social media marketing, Instagram is currently the king of the internet. Make sure that you bolster your ability to market your wares and analyze your campaign with an Instagram business profile. 802Social is here for all of your social media needs — call us when you are ready to take your online marketing campaign to the next level.