Instagram Live – Lights. Camera. ACTION!


Instagram has done it again! There is a certain intimacy to the relationships we cultivate these days with the organizations and businesses we support and follow. Social media allows us to stay informed and even peek behind the curtain in ways we never could before.

Instagram has taken that relationship to the next level. You can now connect with your Instagram audience in real time with Instagram Live.

Your patrons, followers, friends, family, and supporters are all carrying a digital tin can in their pockets all day with a string attached that connects directly to you. Anytime you want to, you can pick up the can on your end and let everyone know what you’re up to.

Show and Tell
The most important reason to “go live” is simply to invite your audience to share something that feels vital and personal. It’s the kind of connection and engagement you just couldn’t offer before.

· Launching A New Product
· Big Announcement
· Behind the Scenes
· Live Q&A
· Live Chat

You’ve done all these things before in analog; maybe you’ve sent out a press release, or an email blast to your client list, but now that you’ve worked so hard to build a dynamic Instagram following, it’s time to show them who you are and what you’re up to in ways a simple email never could.

Go Live! Let’s get started. How to launch your first Instagram Live.
· Click the camera icon on the top left from your home screen.
· You’ll see four options: Live, Normal, Boomerang, Rewind, and Hands-free.
· Select ‘Live.’ All you need to do is push the “Start Live Video” button and you’re rolling.
· You are now broadcasting live. Your Instagram followers will get a notification that you are currently live.

A few important things to remember:

1. Pin the title of your video – People are dropping in and out of live videos all the time, so a great way to encourage them to stay is to let them know what you're actually talking about. Type a short comment at the start of your video and tap to pin it. Your title will stay on the screen for all to see.

2. Who's watching? – Tap on the eye icon at the top left to see who’s watching. If you happen to see some pesky trolls watching or commenting inappropriately, tap the "x" next to their name to remove them from the live stream.

3. Use both views of your camera – Be the director. Flip between the view of yourself talking, and what it is you’re talking about. This is a great way to keep people engaged as you invite them into your world. Note: At this time, you cannot use the flash when live.

4. Analytics – Once you tap "End Broadcast," a screen will appear showing you the total number of viewers. Take a screenshot of the analytics and save it for later comparisons. You’ll also see an arrow in the top right corner, which will allow you to save your entire broadcast to watch again and again. :)

5. Turn on Notifications – Users that have their Notifications turned on will receive a message when you go live, and you’ll be able to see how many people are tuning in. Remember to turn your Notifications on, too, so that you will also get alerts when people you follow go live.

How to Get People to Show Up?
Tell them! Use all the tools you already have at your disposal to reach out to your audience and let them know you’ll be going live. Make an announcement on Facebook, FB Groups, Twitter, email, blog, Instagram, Instagram Stories, etc.

Plan it out! Know ahead of time exactly why you’re going live, what you want to show and tell, and what you want to accomplish. Make sure you’re bringing real value to your live appearance; give people a reason to not only show up, but to stick around and see what you’re up to.

Have fun! Don't worry if you feel silly or a little shy to go live, it gets easier! Many experts including myself have gone live many times with no one showing up. Just remember, your live recording stays active for 24 hours, which gives users plenty of time to find you and wonder why they missed it in the first place

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