Social Media – You can do it yourself, but will you?

Try this scenario on for size: You’re doing your daily fly-over of the social media landscape, taking in the sights and sounds on Facebook and Instagram, shooting off a few emails to colleagues and potential clients, and skimming a couple blog posts your industry cohorts posted to LinkedIn, and you think to yourself, “Gee, I’m pretty savvy and plugged in. This is great, I totally got this!”

Of course, it’s Saturday morning, so you’ve finally got a few minutes over coffee to peruse the Internet, catch up on email, and pat yourself on the back; but what happens when Monday rolls around…?

Prioritize Your Passion

To do what you do best every day, you need to be focused and engaged. Everyone knows that social media is both an essential part of the new networking landscape, and an unapologetic time and energy suck! The minute you try your hand at directing your social media strategy because you know your business needs it, you just as quickly realize you may as well be herding a flock of seagulls.

Before you know it, an hour’s gone by, your email’s backed up, you’ve watched three totally inane videos (two of which are just people falling down), you haven’t managed a single thought in less than 140 characters, and you’ve done nothing even remotely constructive with regards to your business’ social media demands.

But you’ll get to it eventually, right…? So, when, exactly, is “eventually.”

Post and Go, No and NO!

On the other hand, maybe you did manage to tweet a little something, and post a photo of your latest project, but what does it mean to just “post and go?”

Anyone can “post and go;” post and go is not a strategy, it’s a tactic, and while it may mean you’re at least partially present and possibly photogenic, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive.

Simply put, an effective social media strategy is multidimensional, intentional, and super complex; and while you may have all the best intentions in the world to formulate and manage that strategy, the truth is, you probably won’t, post and go is really all you have time for.

I Know What I Know

As the shifting sands of the social media landscape transform the idea of effective strategy by the minute, how are you even supposed to know, anyway!?

Right now, there’s a kind of Moore’s Law with regards to social media. The landscape seems to expand exponentially every year, and countless more people get plugged into its network every day. It’s no wonder you can’t keep up! It’s enough for you to stay on top of what it is you do best, let alone wade into the world of social media and do more than simply stay afloat.

You know what you know, and the pros know what they know. The world is pretty specialized and we all save ourselves time, money, and pounding headaches by knowing when to go to a professional and letting them do what they do best, so we can focus on what we do best.

So, keep this in mind, with regards to social media:

· Let’s be honest, you think you will but you probably won’t.

· It’s next to impossible for a business owner to stay up to date as the landscape is shifting every day.

· Your best marketing strategies need to align with your business, your industry, and your and other marketing efforts.

· Social Media Mavens are out there to make it all happen!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire an expert to effectively craft and manage your business’ social media strategy. Professionals are there to manage your brand and your message, speak meaningfully with one voice across all your social media platforms, engage your current client portfolio, excite potential new clients, and take an enormous weight off your back, you just need to let them do it.

Are you a "Post and Go" kind of person or know someone who is? Leave us a comment and let us know. And as always, we're here to help so give us a call!