The Power of Your Instagram Profile: Have you reviewed these important features lately?

Remember that day you finally set up an Instagram account… You had no idea what you were doing, but everyone else was doing it, and despite yourself, you got the account set up and have been reliably posting pictures ever since! But when was the last time you reviewed your profile?

If you haven’t noticed, Instagram offers business users like you “Insights” into how people are interacting with your photos.

Take a look at one of your photos. So long as you set yourself up with a Business Profile, you’ll see two options below the photo – “View Insights” and “Promote.” If you click “View Insights” you may be surprised to see how many people are clicking through to your profile after seeing a photo you posted. The question is: What are they finding when they get there?

Business Profile

If you’re using Instagram for your business, the first setting you’ll want to review will be whether or not your account is set as a Business Profile. Hint: if you didn’t see those “View Insights” and “Promote” options, you’re not set up as a Business Profile.

Business accounts offer a handful of must-have features for your business. Followers and visitors can get directions, call or email you with just a quick click of a button. You’re able to capture and view important data and analytics; for example, I can see the number of unique visitors that have discovered my posts, which posts are performing better than others, demographics of my followers, and much more. As a business owner promoting my work and building a community through social media, this information is absolutely essential.

To switch to a Business Profile, or to check what your setting are:

1.      Click on your profile image – the little circle on the bottom right of your screen.

2.      On the top right corner of the next screen, click the three horizontal lines.

3.      Now click “Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

4.      Scroll down just a bit and you’ll see the option “Switch to Business Profile.”

5.      Click it!

Profile Image

When you clicked on your profile image to get to your settings, did you happen to notice what your profile image is an image of? To be safe and super savvy, your profile photo should be either a photo of you or your logo. It should represent your business and be consistent across your other networks and social media accounts.

Consistent branding across your social media platforms and profiles allows your fans and followers to quickly identify you, and connect with your brand and business in the same familiar way we identify and resonate with the most successful brands out there.

Profile Description

When followers go to your profile, the first thing they see is your profile description, so the description of your business needs to be succinct and spot on. You have a few seconds of a visitor’s attention to communicate the most important and compelling aspects of your business. Your profile description should include:

·         A brief description of services offered. 

·         Stand out and sdd personality with a few choice emojis.

·         Include a hashtag. This could be for your brand, location of your business, industry, etc. #socialmediamaven

·         Provide a clickable link. Instagram only allows you to have one clickable link anywhere in your profile and account, and this is where it is. You can change this link as often as you like, and point followers to the link in your photo descriptions – “Check out our latest blog. Link in profile!” Provide a link to a specific blog post, your website home page, an event page, or anything else. You want people to engage with your brand and business as much as possible, so give them a way to do that with a clickable link, and make sure to keep your link relevant and up to date.

* SECRET PRO TIP There are now ways to get around the one link rule. I use LinkTree, which offer me the ability to house multiple links at once. They have a free option if you just want to poke around and see how it works. 

Get Posting!

Now that you’ve created a complete and compelling first impression with your Instagram bio, get posting! Don’t forget Instagram Stories and Highlights! Click the links to find out more. Oh, and you’re curious about “IGTV?” Stay tuned…. I’ll be doing a blog on that very soon!

Everyone should make sure to review your social media settings from time to time. Not only your Instagram profile and settings, but all your social media platforms. Your business evolves, and so does social media, so stay ahead of the curve and keep your profile professional and on point!


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