Social Media – Top 3 Fears

SM Fears.png

Have you ever had that totally paralyzing dream that you find yourself naked in public? You’re simply walking into class, work, or the grocery store, and suddenly you’re completely mortified when you realize everyone is staring at you and you don’t have a stitch of clothes on!

Believe it or not, that same terrifying vulnerability you experience in that dream is what a lot of folks I speak with feel about social media.

You probably already know that that’s a super common dream; and it’s actually a really common fear about using social media. We all hesitate a little with exposing ourselves and letting people in, but there are ways we can work with social media to share what we want, when and how we want to, without stripping down all at once.

Baby Steps…
The #1 social media fear is over-thinking what to post. Start simple with just 1 or 2 platforms, and test the waters with some really innocent posts about what it’s like to be you, behind the scenes, making it happen.

When working with clients, I encourage them to share their personality; the same way you might express yourself when you’re redecorating your house, or marketing your business in more traditional ways. Show your audience who you are and what you're all about.

When you humanize your business or brand, people are much more likely to feel connected with you, follow you, trust you, and eventually engage with you by buying your product or seeking out your services.

For starters, you are the face of your business or brand. The best way to humanize what you do for your audience, is to show them that you’re a person, that there’s a real live human behind the fancy products and services.

Share and Share Alike
So much of what people and businesses share on social media is personal, but it’s not necessarily private. Perhaps the #2 social media fear is that fear of exposing too much; of blurring the lines between the personal and private.

You go out to eat, right? If my best friend and I go out to dinner, I may highlight and share photos of the restaurant we went to, the menu, or maybe a boomerang of us toasting a glass of wine; I wouldn't share the details of our conversations, and it’s not that I’ve shared anything at all really about 802Social and the work we do, but simply humanizing our brand with activities we enjoy.

With just a few innocuous posts highlighting me, I’m humanizing my business, sharing more than you might expect about my personality, but still very little that’s private or personal. I’m a person that enjoys a night out with friends, having a good time, sharing good food, etc. Those are important aspects of my personality, but they’re not necessarily very personal.

"What if I mess up?!"
Social media fear #3 – messing up. I hear people say, “What if I mess up?!” all the time, to which I reply, “So what if you do!? But more importantly, what if you don't?" You won't know until you try. And honestly, it really isn’t the end of the world, it’s what humanizing your brand and business looks like.

We're all human and you'll quickly learn from your mistakes. I've seen influencers in my field make mistakes all the time, and they simply own up to it and use themselves as an example. It's a great learning tool for yourself and just part of the process.

If you’re still unsure, write out your post in your notes app on your phone or another location to proof before sharing it was the world. Share it with a partner or trusted friend to make sure you’re hitting the right notes. Or simply wait 24 hours, as the old adage goes, and think about what you want to post before just shooting from the hip.

Social media is all about creating connections with people. Connections lead to engagement, and engagement is what builds your business. Most consumers nowadays are looking to feel connected to the people behind the brands and business they engage with, so try sharing just a little beyond the generic, and a little more about you, and see how your engagement ticks up.

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