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After winning 102 games as head coach of the US Women’s National Soccer team, losing only seven, Coach Jill Ellis announced after her team’s second consecutive World Cup victory that she’ll be stepping down from her position as head coach,

"The timing is right to move on and the program is positioned to remain at the pinnacle of women's soccer," she said.

As I am about to step into a new, expanded coaching role myself, I’ve been, and perhaps not at all surprisingly, thinking about what it means to be a great coach – what are my goals, and where do I want to help take my clients?

Not every coach enjoys a legacy like Jill Ellis, but all successful coaches are driven by a similar desire to grow, achieve, and see their team succeed at the highest levels. I share that passion and commitment, and as I've been working with businesses to create, manage, and monitor their social media strategy and content since 2012, I’ve been consistently pushing to step up my game so that my clients can better achieve their own goals and aspirations.

I am 10 years into this work at this point – self-taught, always learning, exploring, expanding my skills and services; as I prepare to take this next step to help more clients reach the pinnacle of their game, I am also looking to position myself at the top of mine.

As I’ve been preparing to do that, I’ve been asking myself, “Why? Why am I doing the work that I do?”

“My why.” In the spirit of Simon Sinek, organizational consultant, and author of Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team, "My why" is to educate, inspire, and empower business owners to successfully manage their own social media, to grow their businesses, and to empower them to succeed.

I’ve realized that getting out on the field and playing for you isn’t exactly coaching, and isn’t why I am inspired to do this work. That’s not to say there isn’t good reason for a lot of businesses to outsource their social media to a professional social media manager, and there’s certainly a place for that in my service portfolio, but real coaching means our work together should leave you positioned to remain at the pinnacle of your social media marketing and strategy game, inspired and poised to achieve on your own.

My why is to help educate business people, marketers, managers, and entrepreneurs in the necessity and nuances of social media; to inspire people to reach out to their communities, their customers, and clients, to share their stories, and to build bold and compelling brand identities, and to empower people with the tools they need to do all that successfully!

Build, Grow, Accelerate
In the coming weeks I will be launching a brand new website featuring a completely reimagined suite of Social Media Coaching Packages designed to do just that, to help businesses build, grow, and accelerate their social media marketing, and ultimately see them thrive and flourish.

Come take a look and enjoy the view at, or reach out to me directly to discuss your business, your passion, and your why. Together we’ll build, grow, and accelerate your business so your why is the driving force behind everything you do.

My Why @802Social