How to Use Instagram Stories to Improve Viewer Engagement

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram: social media marketing is an ever-changing realm of possibilities that can be virtually impossible to stay on top of, but the benefits can't be denied. As the hot new social media marketing tool, Instagram Stories provides you with a range of options you can use to promote your brand, engage your followers and grow your following. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram Stories right now to grow your business.

  • Unlike the perfectly composed shots expected on Instagram, Stories allow you to share a number of less-than-perfect photos or videos in a slideshow. This allows you to present your followers with a range of images without overwhelming their feed.
  • Use Stories to provide followers with a more intimate, transparent view of your business. You can post a series of photos covering the funny points of everyday life behind the scenes at your company. Capture the process from design sketch through finished product to show your team's creative process or a day spent working with a charitable organization in the community.
  • Ask viewers to vote for what story or images they see next through Instagram Chat. This helps you direct a viewer-focused marketing campaign instead of one that is being created independent of your viewer's preferences.
  • Partner with another company that is related to yours in some fashion, then cross-post on each other's Stories feed to help build viewer counts for both companies. As viewers see the other company's Stories, they'll cross over to follow them. Use a specific focus rather than using the platform for an extended "about me" session.
  • Start a question and answer session. Ask viewers to ask questions that can then be answered by an "expert" at your business in a short video or with a series of photos in Stories.
  • Use the Stories feature to help viewers with life hacks. Whether it's a trick that several of your people are familiar with to speed assembly of a product or an app that makes it even easier to get a job done, hacks get a lot of attention and are easy to broadcast in Stories.
  • Create a sale that is good for as long as that Story remains active on Instagram, typically about 24 hours. This allows you to quickly boost sales and gain followers that will most likely stay with you long after the Story has disappeared. You can either have them follow a link or reply through a message to receive the deal. This also works well for giveaways, such as reports and guides that are delivered electronically.

Every day, we hear about businesses that are seeing strong growth and success because of their activities on social media. But it seems like the rules of what approach you should take and how to succeed on social media changes on a daily basis! It's common to feel overwhelmed at the fast-paced changes in this type of marketing. Fortunately, we're here to help.  Please feel free to contact 802Social for more information or with any questions on how you can rock your social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram for continued inspiration!