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Last week I had the honor of speaking to a group of eager marketing students at the University of Vermont. We limited ourselves to social media in the hospitality industry for this discussion, but as you know, I’m a champion of social media marketing for industries and organizations across the board.

The group of about 25 students was tasked with either creating a new Facebook page or starting their own website for an imaginary business. Despite also having website guru Mike Lannen of Eternity in the house, most folks decided to go the Facebook route; an imaginary profile page seemed a little less daunting in the moment than devising a detailed website architecture, I guess…

As the group ventured down their social media rabbit hole, far beyond the bounds of Facebook or a simple website, suddenly everyone had questions and concerns. Not so easy after all, I guess…

Here’s a few questions that stood out among the many.

"How do you feel about a lot of hashtags being used in a post?"
I consider each platform a bit differently with regards to hashtags. Instagram allows as many as 30 hashtags on any single post. I generally don't recommend using all 30, but hashtags really unlock the secret of Instagram, so the more the merrier, really.

My go-to is usually about 12. Hashtags help people discover your content. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hashtags on any given post connects you to a lot of different categories and people, without looking too spammy.

For Facebook, I prefer 1-3. Hashtags are a bit less effective on Facebook, though they still help communicate and connect. #802Social #socialmedia #networking #vtbiz

“What do you think about buying an Instagram Like?"
My simple answer... NO! Don’t do it!! Paying for “Likes” is just bad business. Concentrate on creating and sharing compelling content that will earn your posts real Likes from real people.

"What about Snapchat for businesses?"
Snapchat has muscled its way to the front of the line with anyone between the ages of 18 and 22. I use Snapchat in my personal life, but not for my business, nor have I recommended it for any of my clients. At this point, Snapchat isn't quite user-friendly or effective enough for businesses. With Facebook and Instagram still way too dominant in the field, Snapchat has some work yet to do to catch up.

As with everything in the social media world though, keep an eye one it. These spaces and services are constantly evolving. Social media professionals are out there keeping pace with all the trends and changes, so reach out and stay connected to know how the landscape looks from day to day.

“What about all the other questions we have?”
Questions continued, I could hear the hands wringing, but unfortunately our time was up for the day. It never ceases to amaze me the questions I'm asked when I speak with a group. The world of social media marketing can be truly unrelenting, and simply too much for a lot of people to keep up with.

That frustration a lot of people feel was one of the biggest reasons I got into the business; helping local business owners get a handle on their social media marketing can be instantly gratifying. I love seeing how relieved they can be to have someone else take the wheel for a while!

That’s why I’m here.

Questions answered at 802Social

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media

Day in and day out I hear grumbling from business owners about their social media woes. Probably the most common questions, complaints, or concerns I hear aren’t even about the success of their social media efforts, but apprehensions about getting in the social media game in the first place.

We in the biz call these “pain points.” Generally, pain points refer to specific problems prospective customers of your business are experiencing, problems that you can then work to solve, thus creating value for your customers, and customers for your business. But pain points can also refer to problems you as a business owner are experiencing, like trying to wrap your head around social media. It would be my job then to create solutions to these problems.

The Top 3 Pain Points I Hear Most Often:

o   “I just don’t get it. Why do I need to use it?”

o   “I don’t have time.”

o   “What would I even post?”


I just don’t get it. How it will help my business?

So, you have a website, right? Most likely you do. At the time, you probably weren’t sure why you needed that either, besides the obvious fact that everyone else seemed to be doing it. I mean, what’s wrong with a simple ad in the phone book!

You knew to run a successful business you needed a place for people to learn more about you, contact you, shop your services or products, etc. But how are people discovering new businesses and seeking the products they need these days? How would they find you if you didn’t have a website, and once you did jump on the digital bandwagon, how would they know to look for your there?

Word of mouth has been the most fundamental and essential social media tool we’ve ever known, and that’s not changing any time soon. Your personal email signature, business cards, are radio/tv spots are a few of the other most common ways businesses have always spread the word.

And then there was social media… Imagine if you could use social media in all of its interconnected glory to connect with your community, engage them in your business, and drive people directly to your website where your community becomes your customers.

Easy peasy, right…? Actually, there’s a sophisticated methodology, in fact an entire industry behind that simple redirect. Social media is about connecting people & building relationships. When we build relationships, we build trust, and as we all know, trust is critical for successful businesses.

This is what we like to call the “know, like, trust” factor. When people get to know you, and they like you, they are more willing to do business and exchange money with you because they trust you.

See, it’s not like we’ve been telling you about social media for no reason, there is a method to the madness, I promise!


What in the world would I post about!?!

Your phone book ad, your business card, your billboard, they’re all static; they’re two-dimensional information only promotions. They’re basically just all business cards of different sizes. The only problem a business card ever solved was a wobbly table.

Your social media posts can deliver so much more! Depending on your audience and your industry, with social media, you can engage with and invite people to see inside and understand your business and the solutions you offer in ways a business card could never do.

  1. Behind the scenes. People love to get a sneak behind the curtains. You may think what’s going on back there is boring, but to the folks that aren’t toiling away there every day, it can be quite fascinating. Taking your customers behind the scenes is also a great way to build a tangible relationship between your business and your customers, it helps people connect, and connections are what people put their trust in and where they spend their money.  
  2. Entertain your audience with a fun fact about products, your services, and your industry. Be creative. Present your content in popular “hashtag days” like #motivationalmonday, #hottiptuesday, or #thirstythursday. (Speaking of hashtags...well, let’s save that for another blog!)
  3. Ask for feedback! Social media is all about engaging. Asking for feedback is a great way to get your community involved and have them feel invested in what you’re doing, and being a part of something. If you’re a blogger, ask for suggestions on what people would like to read about next. If you’re looking to make changes in the products you sell, ask your audience to weigh in on what they would like. Or it could be as simple as, “Which is your favorite season and why?” The important part here, is that if you do ask a question, be sure to acknowledge the answers and keep the conversation going.


“Customers report spending 20% – 40% more money on brands that have interacted with them on social media. Some people may consider social media followers a vanity metric that does not relate to more profits, but this statistic proves that simply isn’t true!”

- Lyfe Marketing


I just don’t have the time!

Ready to take the plunge, but can’t find a minute to do so? Create a social media editorial calendar, or consider a scheduling app to help you coordinate your efforts. You don’t have to be online all the time, you just have to find a time to check in and engage with your audience. Maybe over coffee in the morning, or as your settling down for a few minutes at night.

There are of course strategies upon strategies and best practices to help guide your social media efforts, but simply getting in the game should be your first priority; you can figure out the rest as you get comfortable and start seeing the results of your efforts.

Truth is, you most likely hired someone to build your website, because your website should look cool, and work, and you had no idea how to build it, what it should say, or what it should do. The same can be done for your social media marketing.

At 802Social, we strive to help businesses not only to succeed in their social media marketing efforts, but to understand the power and importance behind the investment. We have the time, and we know how to use it. Give us a call and we’ll help get you started!


Go Social with 802Social


Untitled design (12).png

Last August I published a blog titled, Have you Created Your Story Yet. The post took a deep dive into Instagram Stories, what they are and how to use them to promote your brand. At the time, your Instagram Story could only be live on your Instagram profile for 24-hours before disappearing into the ether…that is, until now!

Instagram recently released “Highlights." This new feature allows a user to curate and highlight specific stories on your profile that are easily accessible, featured prominently with customizable text and thumbnail images, and stay there for more than a meager 24-hours, as in, like… forever!

Tell Your Story, Front and Center
You may have posted hundreds of stories on Instagram, and while they’re each super special in their own right, not every one is worthy of a Highlight.

Your Highlights should highlight only the most valuable content from your stories; content that not only makes sense to save, but tells your story, and encourages people to return and feel engaged such as handy tips, frequently asked questions, and sneak peeks behind the scenes.

Highlights give you the opportunity to showcase what is exceptional about your brand and business, front and center. New people will be able to get to know you right at that outset, and your trusted community of friends can see what you’re really about.

Months ago, it was a real bummer that you couldn't save stories that were really resonating with your audience, but with Story Highlights, you can resonate indefinitely!

Stratagize, Don’t Agonize
What do targeted advertising, promotional campaigns, content creation, and social media all have in common; besides being our bread & butter here at 802Social? They’re all a vital part of your marketing strategy, and your marketing strategy is all about telling your brand story.

Instagram Story Highlights are a great way for you to show off what sets your brand and business apart from all the others. It’s the same thing you try to do across the board with your marketing strategy, only here, you’re able to really choreograph how your audience experiences your brand, by stratagizing how you tell your story.

Plan ahead: Don’t just highlight every story you’ve ever posted, curate your highlights so you’re telling the most compelling and captivating stories possible, or record brand new ones that highlight your brand, your products, your team, and your story. Maybe those are your top tier Highlight categories, chock full of links to blogs and resources that engage and really entice visitors to hang out with you for a while.

Marquee Production
Instagram allows you to customize your Story Highlights by personalizing and branding your cover photos and thumbnails (think bright neon lights!), creating unique category names, and ringing all the bells and whistles like text and animation, that set your Instagram profile apart from the still images on your website or (gulp!) your paper brochures.

If you’re doing it right, new Instagram followers will flock to your profile and feel connected and informed by your highlighted stories. Take a look around and see who else is doing it, how they’re doing it, and what really speaks to you. This will give you an idea of where to start.

So you want to know how to actually create Instagram Story Highlights!?
Join my Facebook Group to get the inside scoop on how the pros plot Instagram Highlights, how to WOW your audience with customized content, and highlight the best of your brand and business to keep your visitors coming back.

See just how high our Highlights get at 802Social!

Instagram Live – Lights. Camera. ACTION!


Instagram has done it again! There is a certain intimacy to the relationships we cultivate these days with the organizations and businesses we support and follow. Social media allows us to stay informed and even peek behind the curtain in ways we never could before.

Instagram has taken that relationship to the next level. You can now connect with your Instagram audience in real time with Instagram Live.

Your patrons, followers, friends, family, and supporters are all carrying a digital tin can in their pockets all day with a string attached that connects directly to you. Anytime you want to, you can pick up the can on your end and let everyone know what you’re up to.

Show and Tell
The most important reason to “go live” is simply to invite your audience to share something that feels vital and personal. It’s the kind of connection and engagement you just couldn’t offer before.

· Launching A New Product
· Big Announcement
· Behind the Scenes
· Live Q&A
· Live Chat

You’ve done all these things before in analog; maybe you’ve sent out a press release, or an email blast to your client list, but now that you’ve worked so hard to build a dynamic Instagram following, it’s time to show them who you are and what you’re up to in ways a simple email never could.

Go Live! Let’s get started. How to launch your first Instagram Live.
· Click the camera icon on the top left from your home screen.
· You’ll see four options: Live, Normal, Boomerang, Rewind, and Hands-free.
· Select ‘Live.’ All you need to do is push the “Start Live Video” button and you’re rolling.
· You are now broadcasting live. Your Instagram followers will get a notification that you are currently live.

A few important things to remember:

1. Pin the title of your video – People are dropping in and out of live videos all the time, so a great way to encourage them to stay is to let them know what you're actually talking about. Type a short comment at the start of your video and tap to pin it. Your title will stay on the screen for all to see.

2. Who's watching? – Tap on the eye icon at the top left to see who’s watching. If you happen to see some pesky trolls watching or commenting inappropriately, tap the "x" next to their name to remove them from the live stream.

3. Use both views of your camera – Be the director. Flip between the view of yourself talking, and what it is you’re talking about. This is a great way to keep people engaged as you invite them into your world. Note: At this time, you cannot use the flash when live.

4. Analytics – Once you tap "End Broadcast," a screen will appear showing you the total number of viewers. Take a screenshot of the analytics and save it for later comparisons. You’ll also see an arrow in the top right corner, which will allow you to save your entire broadcast to watch again and again. :)

5. Turn on Notifications – Users that have their Notifications turned on will receive a message when you go live, and you’ll be able to see how many people are tuning in. Remember to turn your Notifications on, too, so that you will also get alerts when people you follow go live.

How to Get People to Show Up?
Tell them! Use all the tools you already have at your disposal to reach out to your audience and let them know you’ll be going live. Make an announcement on Facebook, FB Groups, Twitter, email, blog, Instagram, Instagram Stories, etc.

Plan it out! Know ahead of time exactly why you’re going live, what you want to show and tell, and what you want to accomplish. Make sure you’re bringing real value to your live appearance; give people a reason to not only show up, but to stick around and see what you’re up to.

Have fun! Don't worry if you feel silly or a little shy to go live, it gets easier! Many experts including myself have gone live many times with no one showing up. Just remember, your live recording stays active for 24 hours, which gives users plenty of time to find you and wonder why they missed it in the first place

GO LIVE with 802Social on IG to learn more!

Have you created your story yet?

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Your business is so much more than the products and services you sell, and the world needs to experience that to really feel connected to you.

Instagram has made it possible for you to tell your story in ways that are far more creative and personal than ever before, and all without overwhelming your audience with a non-stop barrage of posts all day long.

Instagram Rewrites the Story
Instagram Stories are daily slideshows that invite people to experience your day right along with you.

Stories are found at the top of your Instagram home screen, they last for 24 hours, and you can keep adding to the story at any time, all day long. You can see who viewed your Stories at the bottom of the screen, giving you unique insights into your Instagram community.

More than just static images, Stories allow you to incorporate short videos, and add creative flourishes to images with text, drawing tools, face filters, and of course, fun stickers!

When you see a rainbow around the profile picture of someone you follow, that means they have a new Story to share.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! – Instagram has just added Insights to Stories! You can now see how people are viewing your Stories on each individual clip. Now more than ever you can see how people engage with you and your Stories in real time, how often, and what they’re looking at.

Tell Your Story
Let’s break it down simply, so you can dive right in:

1. Go to your Instagram Home Screen and swipe left in your Feed. You can also quickly launch Stories by selecting the camera icon on the top left.

2. Just like with your camera app, tap the circle button at the bottom of the screen to take photos, or tap and hold to record a video.

3. You can edit photos or videos with text or add drawings by tapping the pen icon. There are three types of pens, the third one makes your sketch look like a neon sign.

4. Tap Done to save your Story, then tap the Add Your Story button to share it.

5. Voila, you just told your Story!

Tricks of the Trade
Save your story for later, or send it directly to a friend; add your location to connect with others in the area; go hands free, or create a Selfie Sticker.

There are all sorts of tricks in using Instagram Stories for your business to help make your Story STAND OUT amongst all the others, build your brand, drive traffic, and increase engagement.

Connect with 802Social on Instagram to learn more.

Tell Your Story with Style! Contact us today, and get your story moving.

Stories are Social

"Knowledge Is Not Power, Execution Is Power"

Having emoji fun with Sue B!

Having emoji fun with Sue B!

"Knowledge Is Not Power, Execution Is Power"

Weekend Workshop Download Part 2

Perhaps the one thing better than simply clicking the little heart icon on Instagram as a captivating photo of the beach scrolls by, is picking yourself up and heading to the beach yourself for a weekend of nature, nurture, knowledge, and execution!

The weekend featured catered meals, walks on the beach, yoga classes, and happy hours alongside the requisite workshops and presentations. Our "Welcome Night" on the Cape was a wealth of lobster rolls and icy Cape Codders. Anywhere with their own world-famous cocktail works for me.

I should back up for a second: The unparalleled Marie Forleo, self-described ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur,’ is also the marketing marvel behind B-School - an “8 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence.”

Marie Forleo, it turns out, is associated and affiliated with Sue B. Zimmerman, the same Sue B. Zimmerman I've been following and learning from for years. I actually found her on Twitter when I first opened my business. She’s truly the most engaging expert I've ever followed.

So, here we are at the Cape, a group of 26 B-Schoolers who have been working and learning together online for 8 weeks, finally breaking it down face-to-face, with Sue B. Zimmerman and her social media team orchestrating, entertaining, and educating.

Projects vs. Tasks
This weekend was all about our “Brand Plan.” The importance of developing a plan that includes actionable and intentional business values, published content, promotion, outreach, nurturing, and selling.

We focused heavily on projects vs. tasks, the difference and importance of both, we shared stories about getting stuck, we brainstormed ways to get unstuck and plow forward, and we did so alongside proven talent in every respect sharing tips and tools at every turn.

Instagram Stories & Sign-Off Emojis
The way Instagram has it set up, “Stories” are supposed to feature pictures you've taken within the last 24 hours, all bundled together in a slideshow at the top of your Instagram feed. But what about re-purposing old pictures for use in your Instagram Story?

We learned a "ninja tip" on exactly how to do that, and how to sign-off your Instagram post with an emoji; a little emoji with emotion. Mine is a little butterfly 🦋! Find yours! They’re searchable in Instagram, and they make your post instantly recognizable.

Connect via Facebook Groups
Facebook groups are designed to allow you to easily connect and coordinate with friends and family of like mind and interest, share and search for documents, discussions, updates, and information within a specific intentional group of people at once.

There are groups out there for just about everything, and as many groups as there are people, if not more! They’re just waiting there for you to connect with them, get your name out, share information, spread the word, build your brand, create new leads, and expand your business.

Express Yourself
Social media is awash in businesses and people jockeying for attention, each with their own story to tell, but not necessarily telling it well.

The value of sharing your authentic personality on social media cannot be understated. Be present and be personal. Engage with your community and your clients openly and often. Always respond to blog comments and remember to say thank you, always! :)

Priceless Value
My weekend in Cape Cod was better than any conference I've ever been to, hands down! Sue, Morgan and Rachel were inspiring and absolutely amazing; and Marie’s B-School foundations provided fertile soil to build upon and grow.

The insights and information we walked off that beach with were truly priceless for all of us, who are now back to working together remotely in our Facebook Groups, and any other way can.

Thanks to my new friends, collaborators, and mentors, I now have even more tools at my fingertips to support and nurture my clients and their incredible businesses even further, helping them realize and capture their exceptional nature, and succeed in sharing that with the world.

Till the next adventure, stay social!

Creating Campaigns & Striking Statistics

Weekend Workshop Download Part 1


I recently read that “only 12% of businesses feel that they are using Social Media effectively, and yet approximately 60% of businesses are using Social Media.” Statistically speaking, how many of those businesses are sending their staff in charge of their social media efforts off to a weekend workshop with one of the industry’s leading experts in the field?
Who has time for that? I do!

Workshops, retreats, and conferences can totally be hit or miss, we all know that, but networking being an absolute necessity in the work I do, and necessity being the proverbial ‘mother of invention,’ workshops and conferences are a must. Any conference lead by the incomparable, Sue B. Zimmerman - ‘network ninja,’ Instagram expert, mentor, and social media powerhouse, is bound to be the mother of all conferences!

Boston Bossy
My spring of retreats and social media saturation started on a Friday afternoon in Boston at the home of Sue B. Zimmerman, the hub of her campaign headquarters. Sue and her team, the remarkable Morgan and Rachel, are social media campaign wizards! And with wizards, it’s all about what goes on behind the curtains.

Nearly twenty people from a wide range of business backgrounds settled in and over the next 8 hours, we were graciously offered extraordinary access behind the scenes to all the tools, techniques, and tactics Sue and her team use while leading their clients through the various phases of the social media campaign process.

Organization, Targeting, Design, and Marketing; Everything from calendars to Drop Box organization, and all the tips to make them work for you and your clients, instead of against you.

Sue calls herself ‘Boston Bossy,’ in jest of course, but there didn’t seem anything bossy about it to me. Sue is impressively intentional, focused, and determined, and she nurtured our crew through workshops and worksheets, step-by-step coaching, grounding and encouragement with an unaffected humor and patience that was simply the picture of engaging, inspiring, and enlightening mentorship.

So, what were some of the highlights of my weekend in Beantown?

Ask Serious Questions
"A campaign is a concentrated marketing effort for a specific product or story, during a specific time.” A social media campaign is serious business, and a successful campaign requires you ask serious questions, stay organized, and saturate the market.

Sue reminded us to ask ourselves serious questions when approaching any campaign:

  • What is the campaign for?
  • Who am I selling to?
  • What feedback do you need to improve the product or process?

The answers to these questions invariably help guide and focus your work going forward.

Expand Your Reach
The importance of collecting and growing your email list, and how to effectively incorporate that treasure trove of data into your campaign is essential.

So how do you find the treasure? Lead magnets! Lead Magnets are your version of irresistible offerings of specific value in exchange for contact information. The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you get from any specific offer.

Think of what you do, how you do it, and what could be the most irresistible thing you can offer the world. Sue and her team call this the "Brain Dump." Everything you need for your next Lead Magnet is in your head, so sit down, open a word document or notebook, and dump it all out there. No need to worry about design, format, photo, links, or anything else until the information is out of your head; then you can worry about the details.

Prep Your Pictures
Create and/or collect all the images you’ll need for your campaign ahead of time, organize and file them together in the same location so that when you're ready to launch, you’re not scrambling for the right images to portray your message.

Skyscrapers to Sand Castles
Two weeks after my whirlwind workshop in Boston, I headed to Cape Cod for a full weekend of immersive learning and networking, also with Sue B. Zimmerman!

Stay tuned for the next installment - Weekend Workshop Download Part 2

How to Use Instagram Stories to Improve Viewer Engagement

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram: social media marketing is an ever-changing realm of possibilities that can be virtually impossible to stay on top of, but the benefits can't be denied. As the hot new social media marketing tool, Instagram Stories provides you with a range of options you can use to promote your brand, engage your followers and grow your following. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram Stories right now to grow your business.

  • Unlike the perfectly composed shots expected on Instagram, Stories allow you to share a number of less-than-perfect photos or videos in a slideshow. This allows you to present your followers with a range of images without overwhelming their feed.
  • Use Stories to provide followers with a more intimate, transparent view of your business. You can post a series of photos covering the funny points of everyday life behind the scenes at your company. Capture the process from design sketch through finished product to show your team's creative process or a day spent working with a charitable organization in the community.
  • Ask viewers to vote for what story or images they see next through Instagram Chat. This helps you direct a viewer-focused marketing campaign instead of one that is being created independent of your viewer's preferences.
  • Partner with another company that is related to yours in some fashion, then cross-post on each other's Stories feed to help build viewer counts for both companies. As viewers see the other company's Stories, they'll cross over to follow them. Use a specific focus rather than using the platform for an extended "about me" session.
  • Start a question and answer session. Ask viewers to ask questions that can then be answered by an "expert" at your business in a short video or with a series of photos in Stories.
  • Use the Stories feature to help viewers with life hacks. Whether it's a trick that several of your people are familiar with to speed assembly of a product or an app that makes it even easier to get a job done, hacks get a lot of attention and are easy to broadcast in Stories.
  • Create a sale that is good for as long as that Story remains active on Instagram, typically about 24 hours. This allows you to quickly boost sales and gain followers that will most likely stay with you long after the Story has disappeared. You can either have them follow a link or reply through a message to receive the deal. This also works well for giveaways, such as reports and guides that are delivered electronically.

Every day, we hear about businesses that are seeing strong growth and success because of their activities on social media. But it seems like the rules of what approach you should take and how to succeed on social media changes on a daily basis! It's common to feel overwhelmed at the fast-paced changes in this type of marketing. Fortunately, we're here to help.  Please feel free to contact 802Social for more information or with any questions on how you can rock your social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram for continued inspiration!

Instagram Releases Business Profiles

Taking a page from its parent brand Facebook, Instagram has finally introduced its long-awaited business profiles to capitalize on the more than $3 billion market that its content creators have cultivated for the platform.

Business Profiles Add Analytics
The business profile adds a very important functionality to Instagram — analytics. When you use a personal profile, you have no way to analyze the demographics of the people visiting your page. This all changes with the business profile. Analytics give you the information to target your audience precisely and hone in on the most profitable potential customers.

Business Profiles Save Time
Business profiles also allow you to promote posts directly from Instagram instead of requiring a promotional effort through another platform. This reduces the amount of time from ad to customer drastically, and it also gives content creators who enjoy using Instagram more power to leverage the platform.

Business Profiles Expand Options
Creating an Instagram business profile also opens up your marketing options to the future innovations that will undoubtedly come to the business side of Instagram first. Among other things, the platform has promised even more robust analytics, partnerships with other major social media platforms, and a continually growing audience with more opportunities for direct revenue from the platform.

How to Change Your Profile
Facebook has created a page for people who are looking to convert their personal Instagram profiles into a business profile here.

our Next Move
In terms of social media marketing, Instagram is currently the king of the internet. Make sure that you bolster your ability to market your wares and analyze your campaign with an Instagram business profile. 802Social is here for all of your social media needs — call us when you are ready to take your online marketing campaign to the next level.

Instagram - Part One: Intro

Part One: Intro

We’ve explored how to identify which social media platform is right for your business; now, we’ll begin to explore the complexity and benefits of one of those platforms: Instagram. Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service. It’s used as a tool for conveying a message in an attractive, pictorial way. The social platform is used for like sharing photos and :15-second videos to those that you are connected with and can be seen when utilizing hashtags.

It’s expected Instagram usership will climb up to nearly 107 million by 2018...so the light bulb may be going off in your head: why am I not on Instagram for my business?

Over the course of the next few months, join us in exploring what Instagram can do for business, how to utilize it the best way and how to gain fans (along with other FAQs). We encourage you to come along on this journey with us to learn more about how to use Instagram for your business and decide for yourself if it’s the right platform for you, your business and your customers. 

Advice from 802Social:
The biggest piece of advice we have when using Instagram is to be thoughtful about each post you make. It’s not about the numbers here, it’s about quality, provocative content that can catch someone’s eye, it is about presenting your content in a unique, clever and thoughtful way and trusting the rest will fall into place. It is certainly worth investing some money in professional photography and videography to get the kind of content you need, otherwise, iPhone photos are completely acceptable as long as they’re not poor quality or uninteresting.

Another piece of advice we have is to use Instagram as a relationship tool with your customers. Show your customers and fans the “insider eyes” of what it’s like to create your product, or what it’s like in the day-in-the-life of an employee. Get creative with out you present your narrative.

Lastly, interact. Participate in the conversations, react to comments, and start your own conversations on other like-minded accounts photos. This will help you to build a community. Share (or #regram) other photos that you like that have to do with what you’re promoting or marketing. Along the same point, encouraging your usership to provide you with content. This can be done with a simple call-to-action or you can run Instagram Contests (blog post coming soon).

As always, if it all sounds great, but a bit too overwhelming to manage, 802Social is here to help.