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Last August I published a blog titled, Have you Created Your Story Yet. The post took a deep dive into Instagram Stories, what they are and how to use them to promote your brand. At the time, your Instagram Story could only be live on your Instagram profile for 24-hours before disappearing into the ether…that is, until now!

Instagram recently released “Highlights." This new feature allows a user to curate and highlight specific stories on your profile that are easily accessible, featured prominently with customizable text and thumbnail images, and stay there for more than a meager 24-hours, as in, like… forever!

Tell Your Story, Front and Center
You may have posted hundreds of stories on Instagram, and while they’re each super special in their own right, not every one is worthy of a Highlight.

Your Highlights should highlight only the most valuable content from your stories; content that not only makes sense to save, but tells your story, and encourages people to return and feel engaged such as handy tips, frequently asked questions, and sneak peeks behind the scenes.

Highlights give you the opportunity to showcase what is exceptional about your brand and business, front and center. New people will be able to get to know you right at that outset, and your trusted community of friends can see what you’re really about.

Months ago, it was a real bummer that you couldn't save stories that were really resonating with your audience, but with Story Highlights, you can resonate indefinitely!

Stratagize, Don’t Agonize
What do targeted advertising, promotional campaigns, content creation, and social media all have in common; besides being our bread & butter here at 802Social? They’re all a vital part of your marketing strategy, and your marketing strategy is all about telling your brand story.

Instagram Story Highlights are a great way for you to show off what sets your brand and business apart from all the others. It’s the same thing you try to do across the board with your marketing strategy, only here, you’re able to really choreograph how your audience experiences your brand, by stratagizing how you tell your story.

Plan ahead: Don’t just highlight every story you’ve ever posted, curate your highlights so you’re telling the most compelling and captivating stories possible, or record brand new ones that highlight your brand, your products, your team, and your story. Maybe those are your top tier Highlight categories, chock full of links to blogs and resources that engage and really entice visitors to hang out with you for a while.

Marquee Production
Instagram allows you to customize your Story Highlights by personalizing and branding your cover photos and thumbnails (think bright neon lights!), creating unique category names, and ringing all the bells and whistles like text and animation, that set your Instagram profile apart from the still images on your website or (gulp!) your paper brochures.

If you’re doing it right, new Instagram followers will flock to your profile and feel connected and informed by your highlighted stories. Take a look around and see who else is doing it, how they’re doing it, and what really speaks to you. This will give you an idea of where to start.

So you want to know how to actually create Instagram Story Highlights!?
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