"Knowledge Is Not Power, Execution Is Power"

Having emoji fun with Sue B!

Having emoji fun with Sue B!

"Knowledge Is Not Power, Execution Is Power"

Weekend Workshop Download Part 2

Perhaps the one thing better than simply clicking the little heart icon on Instagram as a captivating photo of the beach scrolls by, is picking yourself up and heading to the beach yourself for a weekend of nature, nurture, knowledge, and execution!

The weekend featured catered meals, walks on the beach, yoga classes, and happy hours alongside the requisite workshops and presentations. Our "Welcome Night" on the Cape was a wealth of lobster rolls and icy Cape Codders. Anywhere with their own world-famous cocktail works for me.

I should back up for a second: The unparalleled Marie Forleo, self-described ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur,’ is also the marketing marvel behind B-School - an “8 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence.”

Marie Forleo, it turns out, is associated and affiliated with Sue B. Zimmerman, the same Sue B. Zimmerman I've been following and learning from for years. I actually found her on Twitter when I first opened my business. She’s truly the most engaging expert I've ever followed.

So, here we are at the Cape, a group of 26 B-Schoolers who have been working and learning together online for 8 weeks, finally breaking it down face-to-face, with Sue B. Zimmerman and her social media team orchestrating, entertaining, and educating.

Projects vs. Tasks
This weekend was all about our “Brand Plan.” The importance of developing a plan that includes actionable and intentional business values, published content, promotion, outreach, nurturing, and selling.

We focused heavily on projects vs. tasks, the difference and importance of both, we shared stories about getting stuck, we brainstormed ways to get unstuck and plow forward, and we did so alongside proven talent in every respect sharing tips and tools at every turn.

Instagram Stories & Sign-Off Emojis
The way Instagram has it set up, “Stories” are supposed to feature pictures you've taken within the last 24 hours, all bundled together in a slideshow at the top of your Instagram feed. But what about re-purposing old pictures for use in your Instagram Story?

We learned a "ninja tip" on exactly how to do that, and how to sign-off your Instagram post with an emoji; a little emoji with emotion. Mine is a little butterfly 🦋! Find yours! They’re searchable in Instagram, and they make your post instantly recognizable.

Connect via Facebook Groups
Facebook groups are designed to allow you to easily connect and coordinate with friends and family of like mind and interest, share and search for documents, discussions, updates, and information within a specific intentional group of people at once.

There are groups out there for just about everything, and as many groups as there are people, if not more! They’re just waiting there for you to connect with them, get your name out, share information, spread the word, build your brand, create new leads, and expand your business.

Express Yourself
Social media is awash in businesses and people jockeying for attention, each with their own story to tell, but not necessarily telling it well.

The value of sharing your authentic personality on social media cannot be understated. Be present and be personal. Engage with your community and your clients openly and often. Always respond to blog comments and remember to say thank you, always! :)

Priceless Value
My weekend in Cape Cod was better than any conference I've ever been to, hands down! Sue, Morgan and Rachel were inspiring and absolutely amazing; and Marie’s B-School foundations provided fertile soil to build upon and grow.

The insights and information we walked off that beach with were truly priceless for all of us, who are now back to working together remotely in our Facebook Groups, and any other way can.

Thanks to my new friends, collaborators, and mentors, I now have even more tools at my fingertips to support and nurture my clients and their incredible businesses even further, helping them realize and capture their exceptional nature, and succeed in sharing that with the world.

Till the next adventure, stay social!

How to Use Instagram Stories to Improve Viewer Engagement

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram: social media marketing is an ever-changing realm of possibilities that can be virtually impossible to stay on top of, but the benefits can't be denied. As the hot new social media marketing tool, Instagram Stories provides you with a range of options you can use to promote your brand, engage your followers and grow your following. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram Stories right now to grow your business.

  • Unlike the perfectly composed shots expected on Instagram, Stories allow you to share a number of less-than-perfect photos or videos in a slideshow. This allows you to present your followers with a range of images without overwhelming their feed.
  • Use Stories to provide followers with a more intimate, transparent view of your business. You can post a series of photos covering the funny points of everyday life behind the scenes at your company. Capture the process from design sketch through finished product to show your team's creative process or a day spent working with a charitable organization in the community.
  • Ask viewers to vote for what story or images they see next through Instagram Chat. This helps you direct a viewer-focused marketing campaign instead of one that is being created independent of your viewer's preferences.
  • Partner with another company that is related to yours in some fashion, then cross-post on each other's Stories feed to help build viewer counts for both companies. As viewers see the other company's Stories, they'll cross over to follow them. Use a specific focus rather than using the platform for an extended "about me" session.
  • Start a question and answer session. Ask viewers to ask questions that can then be answered by an "expert" at your business in a short video or with a series of photos in Stories.
  • Use the Stories feature to help viewers with life hacks. Whether it's a trick that several of your people are familiar with to speed assembly of a product or an app that makes it even easier to get a job done, hacks get a lot of attention and are easy to broadcast in Stories.
  • Create a sale that is good for as long as that Story remains active on Instagram, typically about 24 hours. This allows you to quickly boost sales and gain followers that will most likely stay with you long after the Story has disappeared. You can either have them follow a link or reply through a message to receive the deal. This also works well for giveaways, such as reports and guides that are delivered electronically.

Every day, we hear about businesses that are seeing strong growth and success because of their activities on social media. But it seems like the rules of what approach you should take and how to succeed on social media changes on a daily basis! It's common to feel overwhelmed at the fast-paced changes in this type of marketing. Fortunately, we're here to help.  Please feel free to contact 802Social for more information or with any questions on how you can rock your social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram for continued inspiration!