5 Tips to Growing Your FB Business Page

As of the first quarter of 2017, Facebook had 1.94 billion active monthly users.
One point nine four billion!

Does your business need to be actively marketing and making connections on Facebook? Only if the possibility of reaching one quarter of the world’s population with your message sounds exciting! Yes, you absolutely should be on Facebook, but you already knew that; the question isn’t whether your business should have a Facebook page, the question is what do you do with it? How can you successfully grow your business using Facebook most efficiently and effectively?

Be Consistent
Show up regularly with compelling content of real value that is relevant to your business, and of particular interest to your Facebook community.

Don’t drop off the face of the earth! One of the most important things you can do for your Facebook audience is show up consistently, and keep delivering content that provides insight and usefulness. Be fascinating!

Link It!
Plaster the internet with links to your Facebook business page. Wherever you’re reaching your clients and community, they should find that little Facebook icon that links directly to your business page.

The link should be in your email signature, in the footer on every page of your website, in your bio on Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Anywhere and everywhere you can put it, link people back to your Facebook page to keep them engaged.

Create Conversations
Get people talking. Create conversations that takes on a life of their own about the work you do, and the business you’re in. Facebook loves this!

Present ideas and ask questions! Invite people into the conversation, and then let that conversation expand on its own. You’ll be surprised how far those conversations can go, and how many people will be organically pulled into it, connecting to your business, and creating real value through dialogue and participation.

Content Calendars
Just what it sounds like, content calendars are your way to plan and organize upcoming social media content. Just like you mark your niece’s and nephew’s birthday on the calendar on your wall (you still have a wall calendar, right?), there are important dates throughout the weeks, months, and year that you will want to highlight in social media.

Your content calendar should contain important dates that matter to your business including holidays, special events, product launches, milestones, and campaigns. Content calendars keep you organized, they help you know what you’re publishing, where, and when, and collaborate more efficiently with others on aligning compelling content with real world experiences for your business and clients.

Monitor and Measure
There are many tools out there designed to help keep you organized, and provide real world analytics to measure if your social media efforts are successful.

Hootesuite, Sprout Social, or Agorapulse, are just a few examples. Each has its perks, but it really comes down to how you use it. While Facebook provides unprecedented opportunity to connect with your community, it can be hard to know just how well you’re doing out there without digging into the analytics, see what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust as needed.

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Keep it Fun: Facebook for Business


Facebook for business is a must have to stay in tune with your customers. That said, we don’t want you to be bombarding them with repeated reminders of your upcoming sale or pushing a service out to them that they may not need right now. So what to do? Keep your customers engaged and enjoying the content you are posting. How can we do that?

1. Contests
Who doesn’t like a giveaway? The best giveaways are the no strings attached...yes, you can hold contests to collect customer information, but best to utilize them to remind your customers how much you appreciate them! You can ask them to enter by re-posting an imaging or tagging a friend in the comments section...this helps your interaction and exposure but doesn’t make them feel like they’re giving away an arm and a leg. Celebrate your customers!

2. Live Video
We’re loving when our clients use live video to humanize their business. Use live video to show behind-the-scenes, generate buzz about a sneak preview of a new product or introduce the office dogs!

3. Testimonials
You may be sensing a theme here...we want facebook to be a lifeline to a human! Don’t be another promo post on your customer’s news feed; share the stories of your happy customers on Facebook! You can post testimonials in a variety of ways. Our favorites? A photo and a few short sentences from a happy  customer! Or, post a picture of video of your product or service and ask for comments on it...let the promotion happen authentically! Think about it: when you’re curious about a new restaurant, what do you do? Go to yelp or another review site to see what other people are saying about it! Make it easier for your customer and post it right on your facebook page!  

We love working with our clients to think up new and fun ways to engage and retain followers on social media (and turning them into paying customers!). There are lots of great ideas out there to try out and, as always, we’re here to help.

Thanks for reading!



How to Use Instagram Stories to Improve Viewer Engagement

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram: social media marketing is an ever-changing realm of possibilities that can be virtually impossible to stay on top of, but the benefits can't be denied. As the hot new social media marketing tool, Instagram Stories provides you with a range of options you can use to promote your brand, engage your followers and grow your following. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram Stories right now to grow your business.

  • Unlike the perfectly composed shots expected on Instagram, Stories allow you to share a number of less-than-perfect photos or videos in a slideshow. This allows you to present your followers with a range of images without overwhelming their feed.
  • Use Stories to provide followers with a more intimate, transparent view of your business. You can post a series of photos covering the funny points of everyday life behind the scenes at your company. Capture the process from design sketch through finished product to show your team's creative process or a day spent working with a charitable organization in the community.
  • Ask viewers to vote for what story or images they see next through Instagram Chat. This helps you direct a viewer-focused marketing campaign instead of one that is being created independent of your viewer's preferences.
  • Partner with another company that is related to yours in some fashion, then cross-post on each other's Stories feed to help build viewer counts for both companies. As viewers see the other company's Stories, they'll cross over to follow them. Use a specific focus rather than using the platform for an extended "about me" session.
  • Start a question and answer session. Ask viewers to ask questions that can then be answered by an "expert" at your business in a short video or with a series of photos in Stories.
  • Use the Stories feature to help viewers with life hacks. Whether it's a trick that several of your people are familiar with to speed assembly of a product or an app that makes it even easier to get a job done, hacks get a lot of attention and are easy to broadcast in Stories.
  • Create a sale that is good for as long as that Story remains active on Instagram, typically about 24 hours. This allows you to quickly boost sales and gain followers that will most likely stay with you long after the Story has disappeared. You can either have them follow a link or reply through a message to receive the deal. This also works well for giveaways, such as reports and guides that are delivered electronically.

Every day, we hear about businesses that are seeing strong growth and success because of their activities on social media. But it seems like the rules of what approach you should take and how to succeed on social media changes on a daily basis! It's common to feel overwhelmed at the fast-paced changes in this type of marketing. Fortunately, we're here to help.  Please feel free to contact 802Social for more information or with any questions on how you can rock your social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram for continued inspiration!

Instagram Releases Business Profiles

Taking a page from its parent brand Facebook, Instagram has finally introduced its long-awaited business profiles to capitalize on the more than $3 billion market that its content creators have cultivated for the platform.

Business Profiles Add Analytics
The business profile adds a very important functionality to Instagram — analytics. When you use a personal profile, you have no way to analyze the demographics of the people visiting your page. This all changes with the business profile. Analytics give you the information to target your audience precisely and hone in on the most profitable potential customers.

Business Profiles Save Time
Business profiles also allow you to promote posts directly from Instagram instead of requiring a promotional effort through another platform. This reduces the amount of time from ad to customer drastically, and it also gives content creators who enjoy using Instagram more power to leverage the platform.

Business Profiles Expand Options
Creating an Instagram business profile also opens up your marketing options to the future innovations that will undoubtedly come to the business side of Instagram first. Among other things, the platform has promised even more robust analytics, partnerships with other major social media platforms, and a continually growing audience with more opportunities for direct revenue from the platform.

How to Change Your Profile
Facebook has created a page for people who are looking to convert their personal Instagram profiles into a business profile here.

our Next Move
In terms of social media marketing, Instagram is currently the king of the internet. Make sure that you bolster your ability to market your wares and analyze your campaign with an Instagram business profile. 802Social is here for all of your social media needs — call us when you are ready to take your online marketing campaign to the next level.

Instagram - Part One: Intro

Part One: Intro

We’ve explored how to identify which social media platform is right for your business; now, we’ll begin to explore the complexity and benefits of one of those platforms: Instagram. Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service. It’s used as a tool for conveying a message in an attractive, pictorial way. The social platform is used for like sharing photos and :15-second videos to those that you are connected with and can be seen when utilizing hashtags.

It’s expected Instagram usership will climb up to nearly 107 million by 2018...so the light bulb may be going off in your head: why am I not on Instagram for my business?

Over the course of the next few months, join us in exploring what Instagram can do for business, how to utilize it the best way and how to gain fans (along with other FAQs). We encourage you to come along on this journey with us to learn more about how to use Instagram for your business and decide for yourself if it’s the right platform for you, your business and your customers. 

Advice from 802Social:
The biggest piece of advice we have when using Instagram is to be thoughtful about each post you make. It’s not about the numbers here, it’s about quality, provocative content that can catch someone’s eye, it is about presenting your content in a unique, clever and thoughtful way and trusting the rest will fall into place. It is certainly worth investing some money in professional photography and videography to get the kind of content you need, otherwise, iPhone photos are completely acceptable as long as they’re not poor quality or uninteresting.

Another piece of advice we have is to use Instagram as a relationship tool with your customers. Show your customers and fans the “insider eyes” of what it’s like to create your product, or what it’s like in the day-in-the-life of an employee. Get creative with out you present your narrative.

Lastly, interact. Participate in the conversations, react to comments, and start your own conversations on other like-minded accounts photos. This will help you to build a community. Share (or #regram) other photos that you like that have to do with what you’re promoting or marketing. Along the same point, encouraging your usership to provide you with content. This can be done with a simple call-to-action or you can run Instagram Contests (blog post coming soon).

As always, if it all sounds great, but a bit too overwhelming to manage, 802Social is here to help.