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The Vermonter
This package will give businesses that are less than two years old the clarity and confidence that will make their social media efforts soar. Tools will be provide to help them grow their brand and potential customer base rather than just being confused with no direction or how to gauge results.

Green Mountains
This package will give businesses a deeper level of hand-holding to build the confidence and accountability needed to continue moving their social media strategies in the right direction.

Lake Champlain
This package provides not only a deep dive into the marketing efforts as a whole, but will also include a monthly check-in audit for 6 months. This will ensure success and continuity of defined strategies.

Full Management Package
Through campaign development, content creation and community management,
we handle it all!
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Social Media Audit - A process to determine your current social media performance.

Social Media Best Practices Guidebook - In the overwhelm of social media, you can easily find yourself frozen in your efforts. Our best practice guidebook will help realign you to what’s important and get you moving in the right direction again.

Hashtags 101 - What the heck are they and how do I use them? With our Hashtag 101 document, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about those mysterious hashtags.

30 days of ideas - Stuck on what to share? Use our content calendar to keep you on track for planning and ideas.

Social Media Check List - We created this document for you to revisit from time to time to make sure your’re set up for success!